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For your convenience, we can provide on-site inspection, estimates, repairs, restoration, leather and vinyl dyeing, upholstery, cleaning, and emergency disassembly/reassembly, as well as, pick-up and delivery services as needed. Our technicians are punctual and professional, and provide quality service that preserves the integrity and value of your furniture.

We also offer restoration, refinishing and repair for all antique and modern furniture, pieces of art, statues, paintings, as well as re-gluing, webbing, installation, seasonal repair, maintenance service, general handyman work, carpentry, woodwork, (including glass, mirror, stone, metal work from welding to hanging chandeliers, picture frames, etc.) –   rug cleaning and restoration (including pick-up and delivery services), stitching, stuffing, color matching or changing, dyeing and re-dyeing, defective power mechanisms, patching, padding, repairs for all metals, steel, iron, steel, stone, leather, vinyl, fabric, touch-ups and more!


We offer 24/7, same day – emergency services available!

Furniture can be considered to most as a work of art, meaning these pieces become very valuable to us and getting these valuable pieces where it belongs can become a bit of a problem. Narrow staircases, cramped corridors, small doorways, and even spiral staircases can make it difficult or even impossible to move your favorite piece of furniture into your home. That’s why furniture disassembly and reassembly has become one of the most important specialty moving options out there today. Instead of having to struggle with fitting a large sofa through a small, tight stairwell, you’ll have several small pieces that can be managed by a single person. It’s easier and safer, and well worth considering.

We know how stressful moving can be. That is why we partner with New York’s leading moving companies and work with them to coordinate the furniture services necessary for dates of your move.


 Commercial or Residential, Hospitality or Medical, Small or Big – We handle them all!